About sushi - Japanese cuisine

Asia is associated with an intense smell of seasonings and spices bought on the local market, with a taste of hot red chilli pepper and with all the colours of the rainbow shimmering on the plate. Put against this background, the simple and refined Japanese cuisine seems to be something entirely unique.

Raw fish, fresh vegetables and mushrooms accompanied with slightly sour rice with a subtle hint of ginger make up a unique combination. The connoisseurs say that Japanese cuisine has presented the world with a new taste which had not been known before. This taste is not easy to define and requires high skill of the cook as well as the perfect balance of all the ingredients. Mastery of this highly difficult art is rewarded with sushi - perfectly balanced, surprising in taste and tempting in its appearance.

We believe that those who have once come to enjoy the taste of the delicacies of Japanese cuisine will always come back to it.

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