About Tomo Sushi

In Japanese Tomo means a person close to you, a friend. For us this word is of very high significance. It’s a promise to maintain friendship, a calm refuge which we have created for those seeking a soothing experience.

Tomo Sushi was born out of passion which we would like to share with our friends. Out of passion to discover, since we have the courage to learn new tastes together, out of passion to search, since we believe that each day can bring an important and valuable lesson and out of passion to travel, since we are still curious about other places and other people.

We wanted the Tomo Sushi in Warsaw to be unique and have own distinct style and character. We wanted Tomo to stand out among others. Therefore only and exclusively the finest types of wood and stone as well as unique, hand-made ceramics were used in our restaurants.

We believe that such interiors are best combined with dishes which are of simple but refined taste. Therefore we invite our friends for sushi, an extraordinary feast for all the senses. The preparation of the dishes is a ritual ceremony, where every move and every detail are crucial for the taste, flavour and look of the dish.

We give our full commitment to this process, since in the Japanese cuisine success is about achieving perfect balance of all tastes.

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